We have loved hosting our student so much.  She has provided a wonderful cultural experience to our family and really become involved.  We are going to miss her dearly when she leaves!

Our Families

Study International works closely with schools to ensure the best homestay and host family expereince possible- for both the student and the family.  All our families are screened properly and provided with the cultural and hosting education they need and are supported throughout their hosting experience with us.
If you are interested in finding out more about hosting an international student, please contact us!
A wide variety of family types host international students for us.  All have the same thing in common- they want to open their homes and share New Zealand way of life with a foreign young person.  Family size does not matter, it is the people in them who count.  We look for people with a willingness to learn about another culture and people who would care for a student as they would do their own child- with love and respect.
Families' affluence can greatly vary, but all students will have the opportunity to participate in hobbies, clubs, trips and try new things whilst they are here.  All families are able and expected to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for their students.  Most students have their own bedroom, but some may share (with permission) with a host sibling of the same sex and similar age.

Study International also work with schools who offer boarding or hostel options to their students.  Most of the boarding students will stay with a homestay family during the holidays if they are not returning to their home country.

If you would like to find out more about our host families or school boarding/hostel opportunities please contact us.